Saturday, December 17, 2011

What have I gotten myself into??!

A couple weeks ago I decided to implement one of the thousands of ideas I have in my head-starting a blog! So what am I getting myself into??!! I love to write, I've always loved to write-well except in college and grad school when I had to reach that 5,000 word minimum, keep an ethics consult to only one page, or write a book review on a book I had just skimmed- too much pressure! So I thought this would be a fun outlet to writing and a good way to document and remember this crazy busy life we live! 

I only wish I had thought of this sooner! The past 2 years have been quite the adventure- 

 graduating college

getting married 6 days later

 packing up my life and moving half way across the country to southern california

frequent trips to Chicago (and elsewhere!) to see my dear family

...and one of my favorites from the past few years- my adorable nephew Blake!

So here is my life-trying to keep it simple, sweet (eating sweets that is!), and enjoy where God has me...from Chicago to Los Angeles and everywhere in between!

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