Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sibling Celebration

I've been blessed during the past 24 (almost 25) years with 3 wonderful siblings.  My relationship with them has been very special , and they are 3 of my best friends! Like all siblings, we have had our ups and downs but through thick and thin it has been the 4 of us against the world!


One of my favorite things about our relationship is that we love to celebrate each other. Oh have we celebrated- from... new toys, trips, birthday parties, and awards when we were little to.... breaking a high school basketball record, making the varsity team, graduation, engagements, wedding days, and the birth of a baby as we've grown older!  And now we have something new and exciting to celebrate because....

Libertyville's #45 just....

signed to play  DI football for the University of North Dakota!

The past few weeks have been a big cause for celebration. After a lot of thought and prayer, my youngest brother Luke committed and signed a letter of intent to play football for the University of North Dakota! Of course, we are thrilled for this awesome opportunity for him and are proud of his hard work, humility, and leadership; but above all, we are excited to see what God has in store for Luke both on and off the field in Grand Forks, ND!  

And as always, looking forward to where our travels will take us  the next 5 years to celebrate Luke as he joins the Fighting Sioux and takes on the Big Sky Conference.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure he will do wonderful! This must be super exciting for the whole family = )