Thursday, August 16, 2012

Estes Park, Colorado!

    A few weeks ago I checked off one of the destinations on my travel bucket list...Colorado! One of my favorite places to visit growing up was Denver and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Other than a quick trip to Denver last November for a wedding, I hadn't been to Colorado in almost 10 years and have wanted to take Manny to one of my very favorite places!
  After a crazy non-stop summer of studying for Manny and working 4-5 twelve hour shifts a week for me, we were so thankful that we had the opportunity to get away for a long weekend and meet my parents in Colorado! I didn't realize until I was there how much I've missed the peacefulness of the mountains. It was so nice to leave the hustle and bustle crazy life we all live and get away to a beautiful place where time goes by slow (in a good way!), everything is relaxed, and everyone is friendly.
Here are highlights from our stay in Rocky Mountain high!

cabin in Estes Park

Manny's first time in the Rockies
early morning in Estes Park

Bear Lake

my parents on our hike
Hallet's Peak- we were at 10,000 feet!
Breakfast in the mountains at my aunt and uncle's house
Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver
more at Red Rocks
we could've rented a tepee!
my beautiful parents!

Manny at 11,000 feet!

the Rockies!
view from the Old Fall River Road
Manny's already counting down the days until the next time.....

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