Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You only have ONE car??!

"You only have one car?"... "how do you do it with only one car?"..."I can't believe you only have one car!"....If I had $5 for every time someone made reference to Manny and I only having one car, we'd probably be able to buy a new car!...or at least put a pretty good down payment on one! :)

YES!...for the first 36 months Manny and I were married we had one car! Crazy right??!...Actually, we thought it was FABULOUS!- No car payment, insurance on one car, plenty of extra time in the car together to talk, and it forced us to live a somewhat simple life (is that possible in Southern California??!) instead of constantly being on the go and in two different places all the time! Sure we sacrificed- we've had to say no to quite a few things we'd like to do or places we wanted to go, but we honestly can't remember any of the stuff we said no to! We do remember no car payments, lower insurance, and plenty of time together!

Bless everyone who expressed concern, seemed shocked, or were curious how we went through life with ONE car!! It was OK, we didn't mind!! There were times where I thought are we weird or crazy or something??! You see I grew up in Montana and life was simple! Siiiiiimple! In fact, during high school my family had 5 drivers and 2 cars. We were busy-  athletics almost year round, jobs, hanging out with friends, a little brother who also had activities- but we did it all with 2 vehicles! I don't even remember us ever having a problem with it so when Manny and I moved to California with just one car it seemed perfectly normal! In fact, it was almost too easy. I work 12 hour shifts about 25 minutes away from where we live. Manny works in the same direction about 15 minutes down the freeway from where I work AND he coaches football in between his job and mine AND if that isn't enough his mom lives 5 minutes from where he works! So Manny can drop me off at work-stop by his mom's- go to work himself for 8 hours- head to the football field and coach- and then leave there to pick me up!...and one last perk-I get incentives from work for carpooling! Like I said, its fabulous!

Well as luck would have it or rather God's provisions- the opportunity came along for us to get ANOTHER car! here we are now, not as weird as before because we actually have TWO cars!....and now we hear "I don't know how you ever did it with just one car!"....crazy thing is...we still (mostly!) work off of one car-its just the newer car!

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