Saturday, July 13, 2013

Full Circle

10 years ago I left Montana, a beautiful place where I had spent almost my entire life. In high school, I couldn't wait to GET OUT, and when I left I thought I would never look back. I couldn't wait to experience city life. I couldn't wait to be presented with many more opportunities because after all isn't bigger always better?

I landed in Chicago for college and loved it! I loved the city, the opportunities I had, and the people I was meeting along the way. During my second year in Chicago, I met this really cute football player from California and to top it off, my family moved from Montana to the Chicago area.

Fast forward 3 years: that cute football player and I said "I DO" and headed off to Southern California. I was thrilled for the next even a bigger and busier place.

While living in California has been quite an adventure, I have come to realize in the past few years how much I miss and appreciate from my years growing up in Montana. I miss the not so busy all.the.time lifestyle. I miss running errands and seeing someone I know, whether it be a good friend, someone from church, or just someone I "know" from the next town over because we have been to many of the same sporting events or functions. I miss the great outdoors- mountains, glaciers,  hiking, and camping. I miss 4 seasons and SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! I miss the quaint little towns. I miss the simplicity.

Now, 10 years later and in my late 20's, I am realizing that bigger is not always better (for me!). I am finally figuring out what I really love and where my heart is! From a simple life yearning to be busy and caught in the hustle and bustle to busy and on the go all the time yearning for simple. I feel like I have come full circle.

Oh and that cute born and raised So-Cal boy of mine? Because he is so laid back and easy going, he has happily let me drag him around to experience some of my favorite things and places growing up. Thankfully, he loves them too!

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