Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Carpool

     For the past 4 years, Manny and I have carpooled to work. During the first three years of our marriage, we had only one car so our only option was to carpool. Even though our workplaces were in total opposite directions, we made it work. Manny would drop me off for my 12 hour shift an hour early, and I would sit in the empty lobby and talk to my sister, who was on her way to work in Minneapolis, on the phone. When she got to work I would spend the rest of the time before my shift reading my Bible or writing in my journal.  I can't even remember how long we did this, but Manny eventually got a job a lot closer to where I worked and carpooling was that much easier!
     A year and a half ago we got a second car but still decided to carpool!  It worked out so well with my 12 hour shifts. Manny could drop me off, stop by his mom's, head to work for 8 hours, coach football after work, and then pick me up at 7:30 pm. And, I got incentives from work for carpooling!
      Well this month has brought some new changes for us. Manny began a new job after becoming a CPA, and I was offered a new position at work- goodbye 12 hour shifts, hello 8 hour shifts/no weekends/no holidays! And a big change for us-no carpooling. We were both very excited about our new jobs but disappointed that it won't work out for us to carpool.
     We are so thankful for our 4 years of carpooling! We got tons of time to talk before and after work. We saved a lot of money on gas (well the years when our jobs were closer to each other). And one of my biggest accomplishments during our carpool- introducing Manny to his love for country music! When we first got married he hated country music but being the selfless and sweet man he is, he'd let me listen to a few country songs during our carpool at least. Months later I noticed when I would use the car (after he had it) the radio dial would be turned to the country music station. And so it began...Manny found a love for country music! Fast forward 4 years, Manny now introduces me to new country songs and artists, we make a date night of watching the Country Music Awards, and Manny talks about country music concerts he would like to go to!
    The carpool has been such a blessing for us and will certainly be missed! Tomorrow marks a start of new adventures, schedules, and sadly no more carpool..

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