Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Football 2013

   This fall we had a blast following our little brothers around to watch them play football. This weekend it sadly came to an end. Manny and his youngest brother Nick's season ended after a first round playoff loss Friday night, and my brother Luke's redshirt freshman season ended on Saturday afternoon.
   Manny has coached the Varsity O-line for the past 4 seasons at his alma mater Colton High School. This year was by far his favorite as he got to coach his youngest brother. Nick proved himself to his biggest critic and biggest cheerleader and won a spot on that varsity O-line half way through the season. He even started the last few games and proved what a great player he really is.

   The family looked forward each week to "Friday Night Lights." We had a great time cheering him on and we're all so proud of him!

   We also looked forward to Saturday afternoon's and cheering on our favorite college football team- The Fighting Sioux of UND! We didn't expect my brother to see much, if any, playing time in his redshirt freshman season, but we were pleasantly surprised and got to see him on the field quite a bit. We had a blast attending a few of his games and were thankful that we could watch the rest of them online.

 We are already counting down to the 2014 season....

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