Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chicago Spring 2014

     A week after Manny finished up tax season, we headed home to Chicago to visit the fam bam! We had the best time, were able to relax a lot, and as always time flew by and we found ourselves back in California before we knew it.
     We always have a blast with our nephews! They are so much fun and their little personalities are the sweetest!!! We love being "Uncle Menny and Auntie Ewin (or Ah Ehn)"..

     We spent lots of time (when it was warm) watching the boys play outside "doing yard work." When we were inside we played "doctor" all day long. They gave us medicine, shots, took blood pressure, and checked on the baby. Blake told me a few times that when the baby is here he is "going to teach her how to kick" apparently it is a girl?!
       On Saturday we went to our favorite pizza place Giordanos Pizza! I had been eating horrible all weekend and didn't have much of a lunch so by the time the pizza came I was feeling sick. I ate a few pieces and after we got home I was up the rest of the night throwing up. That's one thing with this pregnancy-if I let myself get too hungry I get sick..even after I eat.  The fam had a fire that night since it was our last night together (minus Luke) and went around and made a few baby guesses-sex, birthday, birth weight, and names. Here they are..well all except the names because a few that were mentioned are potentials :)

        August 1st
        7 lbs 2oz
         August 3rd
         8 lbs 3 oz
      Girl- Elle
       August 1st
       10 lbs (his first guess was 49 pounds)

        July 4th
       7 lbs
         July 28th
           8 lbs 11 oz
         July 24th
          8 lbs 8 oz
         July 23rd
          8 lbs 5 oz
            July 25th
             7 lbs 15 oz
           August 3rd
            8 lbs 9 oz
            July 31st
             8 lbs 5 oz

            July 22nd
             8 lbs 6 oz
     Saturday night I was up sick all night so poor Manny and I didn't get any sleep. Sunday morning I managed to pull it together to go to church and then the "Sound of Music" at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago.

      Monday my mom took off work and we ran a few errands and just relaxed the rest of the day. Then we had dinner at one of our favorites- the Cracker Barrel! 

     Tuesday morning we boarded our flight back to California. As always, our trip went way to fast, we didn't do half the things we had planned, and I once again hardly got any pictures. It was such a nice week of relaxation and spending time with family. Looking forward to our next trip home...when a little mexican will be making the trek with us!

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