Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gabriella-one month old

      I can't believe how fast this first month has gone. We have had quite the month: Gabriella was born on a Monday, and we stayed in the hospital until Thursday. On Friday, we picked up the keys to our new place and started moving. Over the weekend Gabriella got more and more yellow and Monday had her first ER visit and was eventually admitted to the NICU for jaundice.

      My parents were here until the middle of August. We were SO thankful for all their help with our move and getting us settled. We were also so thankful for all the time we got with them although they really just cared about spending time with the little miss :) My dad was Gabriella's first babysitter and Gabriella loved snuggling with my mom all.the.time!  My parents took us to our appointments, ran us around to do errands, and we even made a day trip to Big Bear Lake.

     We have had friends and family visiting quite a bit. Gabriella's grandma and great-grandma love to come and hold her. We took Gabriella to church for the first time the day before she turned one-month, and she did great!

We can't believe how much you have grown already in your first month. Some of your newborn clothes don't fit anymore and you have outgrown your bassinet. You are such a sweet baby. You hardly ever cry (only when you are put in your carseat or swing). You wake up 2 times to eat at night, and we've already gotten into a bedtime schedule-thank goodness because we were all tired. You LOVE your daddy. In fact, he got your first smile and continues to get them ALL! You love to be held (especially sleeping on your daddy's chest) and you love baths. You also love to eat-which you come by honestly because you have 2 parents who love to eat as well! We get lots of compliments on how cute you are. You were born with a double chin and chubby cheeks and continue to have both. I am loving being with you all the time and am dreading going back to work. Thankfully, I still have a few months and we have lots of things planned. We are loving our life with you!!

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