Saturday, September 6, 2014

San Jose Trip

     We started our Labor Day weekend a few days early and headed up North to San Jose to see my brother and his football team take on San Jose State. I hadn't seen my brother since last November when we roadtripped to Flagstaff to watch his football team at NAU.
     Gabriella did awesome on the 6 hour car ride. We woke her up to eat when we stopped for lunch each way but that was it! Of course, I had her all decked out to cheer on her Uncle Luke :)

     We had a blast at the game! There were quite a few UND fans, and we had seats right behind the team. Gabriella slept almost the entire game...well other than when she was eating. The little miss took 6 ounces during the game, and we could never tell if she burped because it was so loud....well she didn't because she projectile vomited all over Manny!

     And of course, I was so thankful for the (almost) hour we got to spend with my brother after the game!!!

     Looking forward to a little more travel this Fall to see Luke and UND take on the Big Sky Conference!!

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