Friday, October 24, 2014

Chicago Trip-Fall 2014

      During my maternity leave, I was able to take Gabriella home to the Midwest to meet the fam bam for a few weeks! She got her 2 month shots and then we hopped on a plane and jetted out of a disgustingly hot Southern California.
     Gabriella loved being held ALL.THE.TIME..(I didn't get any pictures of G and uncle Grant- he was awesome putting her to sleep a few times and getting her to calm down a few evenings when she was fussy!)

     My nephews Blake and Kolby (aka the little boys) loved Gabriella, and they got lots of her smiles! Blake loved to help feed her and tried to calm her down if she cried. Kolby always wanted to "pet him", "kiss him", or "hold him".

      We visited Nana at work one day and got in a few extra snuggles with her before she and my dad left for a (previously planned) trip to Idaho to visit my her parents.

     My brother Ben and my grandma came up to visit Gabriella over the weekend, and we took her to the church my dad pastor's (also where we got married!).

     Before my parents got home we cleaned their house and made cookies!...

   After my parents got home, we went to a cute little place called Apple Holler in Wisconsin. It was a little cold and windy but the little boys loved it!!  The fed goats, rode a pony, played on a wooden train, and checked out a few other animals!

     During the last weekend we were away, 7 of us packed into the car and roadtripped to Grand Forks, ND to cheer on my brother Luke and UND football!!

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