Monday, October 13, 2014

Gabriella-2 months old

     Gabriella at 2 months old now weighs 12 lbs 6 oz and is 23.5 inches long. At her 2 month appointment, the doctor put her numbers into their computer system and it predicted she would be about 5'8"- my height! This month Gabriella has been a lot more alert and has started playing on her play mat. She loves to stare at our pictures behind the couch and has even been known to cry until we adjust her to see them while holding or feeding her-diva!
     This month we started attending Manny and Nick's football games! Gabriella sleeps in the ergo carrier most of the time which is nice! Her grandma and grandma's friend like to hold her during the games too!

     It's so fun to dress Gabriella up for church each Sunday. Speaking of church...Manny and I always leave wondering why we went because we only get to hear bits and pieces of the sermon. Each Sunday right about the time we sit down, Gabriella is hungry so I miss parts of the sermon. When we come back into the service Manny usually takes her which so far has ended in him either getting thrown up on or having to walk a fussy and/or noisy baby! We do love our church and the people so at least we get to spend some time with friends and hear bits and pieces...its better than nothing I guess!!

      This month Gabriella had her first flight and did great! Thankfully, we were on the same plane and when we stopped over in Denver didn't have to get off the plane! Gabriella slept almost the whole trip except for about 30 minutes before we landed in Denver when she had a blowout AND the "fasten seatbelt" sign was on so I couldn't get up to change her! AHH!! And mom of the year forgot to pack an extra outfit in my carry-on. Awesome.  We had the sweetest flight attendants during our flights and they gave Gabriella this..

This month we are starting to see a lot more of your eyes and getting a little glimpse into your sweet personality! You are a very content baby and hardly ever cry.  You still don't love your carseat and it is often drama when we put you in it! You calm down as soon as it is picked up and you have a paci in. You have started to like sitting in your swing this month-especially when it is facing the pictures you love to stare at on the wall!  You are waking up 2 times at night to feed (about every 4 hours) and even went 6-7 hours a few times when we were in Illinois!  You love baths! Towards the end of this month we took you out of your infant bath tub and put you in the regular bath with just a little warm water. You LOVED it and love to kick and talk! You love the water just like your daddy! People continue to say how much you look like me. This month your family in Illinois loved meeting you..especially your two sweet cousins! They adore you! We hope and pray that you will have a close relationship with them because you three act more like siblings! You are all out of your newborn stuff and onto 3 months and above. And at the end of this month you are trying hard to roll over so we'll see what happens :) We love the new things you discover, watching you grow, and your sweet smiles!! 

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