Monday, October 27, 2014

Roadtrip to UND 2014

     During the last part of our vacation home to Chicago, we took a weekend roadtrip with the fam bam. My parents, sister, nephews, Gabriella, and I made the 700 mile trek through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and into Grand Forks, ND to visit my brother Luke and catch his football game at UND.

      We drove 8 hours the first day and stayed outside of Minneapolis, MN then continued on the next morning into Grand Forks. The fall colors were so pretty through Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The kids did really well on the trip and slept alot :)

     When we arrived in Grand Forks, we met up with Luke for a quick lunch and then headed to our hotel before catching UND's afternoon practice.We found Luke's gameday jersey in the hall on the way to practice :)

     Saturday morning we braved the 39 degrees and headed to the Alerus Center to see Luke for a few minutes before the game and to watch the team enter the stadium through all the tailgaters (my favorite part of gameday in Grand Forks!)...

      The game was really fun (as always!) and the kiddos did really well! Gabriella slept most of the game..yay!!! We arrived an hour early, and I was excited to catch warm-ups and the little show before the game (the band, the team running out, team introductions etc)....well I missed All.Of.It because the little miss had a blowout and we headed to the bathroom to change her outfit :( And of course, I missed Luke being introduced as a starter.

     It was a fun game to watch. UND played Montana tough! We were ecstatic late in the 4th quarter when Luke caught a pass in the endzone during a 2 point conversion to tie the game! Woo hoo!!!

     We love #45!!!!!!!!!!!!

     We had such a great time in Grand Forks, as always!! I love that place and it is so fun to be a part of UND football!!! The weekend went all to fast and before we knew it we were back on the road to Illinois...

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