Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cedar City, Utah 2014

     We did a lot of traveling this Fall and Cedar City, UT was our final little trip before I head back to work. It was a quick little trip to see my brother Luke and UND football take on Southern Utah University. We left super early (like after the little miss's 3 am feeding early) and drove the 6 hours to Cedar City.
     Cedar City is a cute town and Southern Utah University has a really nice campus and cool field with a beautiful backdrop!

     It was a beautiful and cool Fall day (yay don't get to experience that very much living in So Cal) and was super windy the whole game. Thankfully the little miss slept almost the entire game in her carseat.

     Love my brother and that his faith is evident in his life. Love that he takes the time to pray before his games!

     We love our UND football games and that we get to be front and center for some of them!!!

     And we love the few minutes we get to spend with Luke after the games! I'd drive 6 hours to spend just a few minutes with him any day :)
     After the team left, we headed to our hotel, ordered pizza, and were in bed early so we could leave for home early the next morning. And thank you Manny for accidentally setting your alarm for 4:30 am :( so we were on the road even earlier...

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