Monday, November 3, 2014

Gabriella-3 months old

     Gabriella at 3 months weighs 14.14 pounds and is 25 inches long. This month we really saw the transition from a sleep all.the.time. (even through noises etc) newborn disappear into a nosy baby who is more interested in what is going on around her, watching tv (obviously just amused with the different colors), and not about to take naps. The not so good sleeper plus my upcoming return to work meant sleep training bootcamp was starting in the DeAnda household!
       Per the recommendation from a friend, I read The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight and loved it! The first day I put Gabriella down for her naps and they looked about like this..
     ....but they soon turned into this
     Gabriella only stayed asleep for between 15-45 minutes and could bust out of her swaddling so we started putting her in a sleep sack and that worked wonders!...although she still is able to bust those arms out :)

    Gabriella now takes two 1 1/2 to 3 hour naps a day and one to two 1 hour (ish) naps. She goes about 6 hours between feedings at night, and we are all sleeping much better!! The last week or so Gabriella starting sucking her thumb to pacify herself.
     Gabriella found her hands this month and is sucking on them all the time which sometimes makes it hard to tell if she is hungry or not. She jabbers at us now and has a good set of lungs on her when she wants to sleep, eat, or doesn't like the way she is being held. She goes from 0 to 10 in seconds and her skin color goes from olive to bright red just about as fast.
     Church has been a challenge for us this month (hello nursery). Gabriella usually needs to eat about the time it starts and spent one Sunday screaming her lungs out in another room for 25 minutes before Manny made us all leave. Not this sweet face...
     Gabriella has done really well going to all her daddy (and Uncle Nick's) football games, as well as the UND games we have attended. She sleeps a little but is interested in everything going on around her. I have lots of help at games and her Uncle Alex takes her most of the game!
     Gabriella loves her daddy and loves to sit on his lap and watch the TV.  He gets a lot of smiles from her!

     The past few weeks Gabriella has started pulling herself up to sit straight up when she is being held. This makes it a little hard to give her a bottle when she insists on sitting up...slow down girlfriend..
     The little miss gets more fun each day! She is full of smiles and we are enjoying learning her little personality!!

       And the biggest milestone this month....the little miss rolled over the day before she turned 3 months! Woo hoo!!! Of course I didn't catch it on video so here is the after picture....

You have had a busy month of traveling and have done really well! You now have been to 9 states (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota). We love to travel and hope to take you to the other 41 states. You spent a few weeks not wanting to nap but after a little sleep training you practically beg to go to sleep (aka you yell and then smile once we put you into your sleepsack). I'm sure the love of sleep will soon change so we are enjoying it while it lasts :)!! You eat every two or so hours during the day and go six hours in between feedings at night. You are very content and like to sit in your swing (and watch the TV), play on your playmat, and sit on laps (and watch the TV)You rolled over for the first time this month and continue to try but get frustrated when you can't get over your arm. You bring so much joy to us and we love to see the new things you discover and start doing everyday!

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