Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gabriella-4 months old

     At four months, Gabriella weighs 16 pounds 10 ounces and is 26 inches long. We kicked off her fourth month with Halloween. Nana had bought Gabriella a cute little skeleton outfit so she wore that to her daddy (and Uncle Nick's) football game!
      Gabriella became quite the chatty cathy the last few weeks. And...she started to giggle! She loves to chew on her hands and grab her feet. I even caught her trying to chew on one of those....

     The weather is finally cooling off here and feeling a little more Fallish (as everyone else heads into winter) so we have been taking lots of walks.

     This month Gabriella got booted to the nursery :) and it has been great to be able to sit through an entire church service! We are so thankful for the sweet workers in the nursery and that our little miss has behaved herself!

      Gabriella is super busy and on the move All.The.Time which makes it hard to feed her...especially when she straightens her back and insists on sitting up to eat.. #diva
     Gabriella LOVES her dad and he always gets a smile...even when she is whining! She spends a lot of time on his lap (watching tv) or helps him scout for football....already staring at those football players :)
     My dad and uncle Dave stayed with us for a week while they attended a conference in San Diego. We had a great time with them! We took them to our favorite bbq place, our favorite brunch buffet, and spent an afternoon at the beach.

     We introduced my uncle Dave to the best cupcakes ever...Sprinkles!!!

     Gabriella spent lots of time looking at pictures (on the calendar) of our future home and Uncle Dave's current home...Colorado!...haha I hope (and pray!)...someday
      We finished up Gabriella's 4th month with Thanksgiving! And what a day to celebrate how thankful we are for our little girl! And it was during Thanksgiving week of last year that we found out we were pregnant (finally!) so it was even more special to have our sweet girl with us!

     And because we are terrible parents...we took our daughter out to experience one of our favorite days of the friday! We were done with Thanksgiving so we headed out around 7 and were back home and in bed by 9 pm!
     On the day Gabriella turned 4 months, we introduced her to rice cereal! She did really well taking the spoon and slept 10 hours/night all weekend!

Dear Gabriella,
     Each month it is so fun for us to look back and see all the new things you are discovering and doing! We say this every month but this month has been our favorite as you've become a lot more vocal and have discovered new things! You are a very happy little girl and smile all the time-even when you wake up during your 3 am feeding or when you cry out because you lose your paci and we come in to give it you-we always get a smile! You love your sleep and you go from sweet to mean in seconds when  you are tired. As soon as you are in your sleep sack and have your paci, you are fast asleep! You rolled over 2 times this month and that is it. You love to watch the TV (uh oh!) and you always have to be sitting up when held. No snuggling for you! You sleep 6-8 hours a night before you need to be fed. And you now go to the nursery at church! Each week we watch for our number on the screen but so far you have behaved yourself! The nursery workers tell us they enjoy having you and one said you are always dressed for the runway (I love to dress you in ruffles and big bows!). At the end of this month, we started you on rice cereal. You do great eating it with a spoon, although you spit a lot out and then try to eat your hand so the rice cereal ends up everywhere! You are such a joy to us and we love your sweet personality and all your smiles :)

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