Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gabriella-5 months old

     At five months, Gabriella weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces and is 28 inches long. At the recommendation of her pediatrician, we tried out a few different cereals-rice, oatmeal, and a whole grain cereal and then started adding in baby foods this month. Her favorites are oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

     She can't get the food fast enough and yells or (fake) cries in between bites. She even gets desperate and starts eating it off her bib :)
     Gabriella sleeps 8-10 hours at night! She takes 2 long (2-3 hour) naps a day and 1 short (1ish hour) nap a day. Sometimes it still feels like all she does is sleep! Gabriella has started grabbing for things and playing with toys (although she can't hold them with her own hands for very long).  She still loves TV and will find any way to watch it...
     We ran into Gabriella's great-grandma in the Mall. She has only seen Gabriella once (the day she was born) so it was fun to run into her. Unfortunately, she has dementia and wasn't sure who we were at first, but she loved seeing Gabriella!
     Gabriella also found her hands and feet this month so they are in the mouth ALL.THE.TIME. One night I had finished putting essential oils on her feet and didn't catch her in time before the foot went into the mouth. Needless to say, I don't think it tasted very good!
     The little miss loves her daddy and spends lots of quality time with him!! He can always get a  laugh out of her, and she has started to mimic some sounds and faces he makes.

     This year we weren't feeling the family picture so I tried getting one of just G. We were all over taking pictures pretty quick...

     So this was as good as it got...

     At the end of this month, Gabriella has started to consistently roll over, and Manny was the last to see it! It almost became a joke because he would watch while we thought she was going to roll and as soon as he would walk out of the room she would roll :) She can roll from back to stomach and then gets frustrated being on her stomach (she has never been a fan of tummy time!).
    Our sweet and quiet baby girl has turned into a sweet and sassy and very vocal baby girl. We are having a blast watch her discover and learn to do new things!
     To finish off the month, we flew to Chicago for Christmas!! It was a blast to spend time with family and the little miss sure loved her cousins!

     **We found out just a few days after Christmas that Gabriella's dear pediatrician, Dr. Smith, passed away. We were so sad (and a few tears have been shed!) over this. He came recommended to me by a friend while I was pregnant and the moment he walked into our hospital room to see Gabriella, we fell in love with him. He was not only a wonderful pediatrician, but also very kind and caring. He was patient with our questions and such an encouragement as we began our parenthood journey. Every time I was in the office he told me what a pretty little girl I have and that we are doing a great job with her. He could always get a smile from Gabriella and was so gentle with her. Although we have only known him for five months, he made an impact in our family and will be greatly missed.

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