Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gabriella- 6 months old

     At 6 months, Gabriella weighs 19.8 pounds and is 28 inches long. We kicked of her 6 month by bringing in the New Year. We partied hard- or not. We were in bed before 9 pm!
     This month Gabriella became more and more active. She has mastered rolling from front to back and back to front. She rolls across the room and doesn't stay in one place for long.
     Gabriella started eating more foods-green beans, avocado, peaches, apricots, prunes, and carrots. She loves avocado! She eats 3 meals a day of baby food.

     Gabriella loves to play with her feet. She kicks at the ground or her crib (kind of hard) but it doesn't seem to bother her! Who knew feet could be so entertaining??!

     The little miss loves to play with toys and anything (and everything) goes into her mouth. She likes to rock back and forth and goes a little crazy in her exesaucer!

     One of our favorite things from this month is that Gabriella now cuddles! We can thank her teething for that. She has been more clingy and loves to be held. We'll take what we can get because she is so active (and miss independent!).
     Gabriella is big enough to sit in high chairs at restaurants and ride in the front of the cart at the store. She is a "nosy nellie"...

     We had some problems last month with sleeping--G not wanting to, taking a long time to fall asleep etc. This month has been much better. She is taking 2 long naps and 1 short nap a day. She even falls asleep sitting up..
     The last big milestone for this month is that Gabriella can now sit up! She still needs something behind her (since she moves constantly and can't keep her balance).

Each month we love to look back and see the new things that you are learning and doing. We can't believe that we have had you for 1/2 a year and how fast you are growing.  Your face lights up and you are all smiles when we walk into a room or to get you from your crib. In fact, you don't like to be left alone. You like to be carried around and do whatever we are doing which means I am sometimes doing workouts with a 20 pound baby on my hip :) You love to play with toys and put anything into your mouth that you can get your hands on. Your bottom (front) 2 teeth are coming in. We are enjoying that you are all cuddles now :) You love the dogs and spend lots of your day talking to them and watching them. They aren't too fond of you since you pull their hair! We look forward to seeing you learn and discover new things but are enjoying where you are at now (and that you aren't completely mobile because we know our hands will be full)!!!

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