Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gabriella-8 months old

      At 8 months, Gabriella weighs 22 pounds and is 30 inches long. Just when we think Gabriella can't get any busier..she proves us wrong. She doesn't stay in one place for long. This month she discovered the stuff (books, xbox etc) on our tv stand and rolls her way on over to it whenever she is in the living room. She now (by accident of course) can open the xbox. Ah! We have to watch her all.the.time.
     Gabriella started eating table foods this month. It has been fun to take her with us to restaurants. She loves trying different stuff and will stare at whoever fed her last until she gets more. We celebrated Manny's 29th birthday at Famous Daves and the little miss chowed down on cornbread, fries, and mac N cheese.
      It's been in the 80's here so Manny braved the cold pool and took Gabriella swimming. She loved it! We aren't sure what was more exciting for her- splashing the water OR trying to eat the cement on the side of the pool. We also took her to the park for the first time and it was pure joy!

     We (unintentionally) transitioned Gabriella out of her sleep sack and gave her a blanket instead. We were pleasantly surprised at how much better she sleeps? And how much longer too. She is napping a few times a day. It continues to be a struggle with random 45 minute naps and then a very cranky baby late in the afternoon.
     We've spent more (much needed) time as a family this month. Funny how it sometimes feels like a luxury and it really shouldn't be. We are working on cutting down on things and saying NO! :) Sometimes being together means bugging Manny at work!

     Gabriella said her first word this month (we think!)....HI. Really? I was hoping for Mama ;) I guess I do say hi to her a lot throughout the day.

 A few other random things about Gabriella this month:

She likes to be wherever we are...which means she often rolls into the kitchen while I'm making dinner
 This Vtech book is her FAVORITE thing
 She likes to unfold laundry as I fold it
There are no more tears when riding in the carseat! Little miss is NOSY and can now see!
 She is a major daddy's girl

 She almost always has just one sock on
 Her grandma got her this goose that sings nursery rhymes. Thank goodness for it because it distracts her during diaper or clothes changes  (all of which she hates). She started arching her back when she doesn't want to sit/lay somewhere....and oh how fun that is...
Gabriella's great-grandma has had some serious health issues this year. We try to get over to see her at least once a week.

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