Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gabriella-10 months old

     At 10 months old, Gabriella weighs 24 pounds 6 ounces and is 33.5 inches long. This month was a busy month and a month full of milestones. We kicked off the month with a little weekend trip to Chicago to meet Gabriella's newest cousin, Miles. Our direct four hour flight was LONG with a busy baby girl. It was a nice relaxing weekend. We made the cousins tie blankets, took a walk to the park, made a few target runs, had a campfire, and just hung out. Perfect weekend (except we were missing Manny and Luke)...

     Gabriella spent a lot of the weekend in tears. She was cutting her 4 upper teeth and had separation anxiety or something because there were times she couldn't even be looked at without crying. And car rides were full of crying and screaming the entire time. #justkeepinitreal

     Gabriella said two new words this month- Mama and Dada. Let the records show that MAMA was said first :)
photo by La Ti Da Studio

     Gabriella is busy and on the go all the time. She likes to try and eat dog food, explore our apartment, and she now pulls herself up...and grabs for EVERYTHING.

     At the end of the month, we took Gabriella to the beach for the first time! She was a little timid about touching or being on the sand. Once she warmed up, she loved it! She didn't even mind the (freezing) cold water and even got knocked over by a little wave. We were waiting for her to cry, but she was fine! Manny loved sharing one of his loves (the beach) with Gabriella!

     Each month becomes more and more fun with Gabriella, and this month was no different! She is a very happy little girl and pretty laid back. She loves to run errands and get out of our apartment.  She pulls herself up on everything and stands but has no interest in walking. Her favorite foods to eat this month are watermelon, pizza, or carrots. She keeps us on our toes but provides very much joy and a lot of laughs :)

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