Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gabriella-11 months old

     At 11 months, Gabriella is 24 pounds 12 ounces and 31.5 inches long. She is almost outgrown all of her 12 month clothes and onto 18-24 months sizes because of her long legs and torso.  Gabriella is a really happy and laid back baby. She is a little shy and timid, but once she warms up there is no stopping her! She loves to chase the dogs around, pull herself up onto anything and everything, go on walks, play in the water, and play on our bathroom scale. If ever I can't find her, I know she is sitting on the bathroom scale :)
     We kicked off the month by making a Father's Day craft for Manny's first father's day. It didn't go as planned, but Gabriella had fun playing in the paint.

     This month we spent some time at the beach. We kicked off Father's Day weekend at Manny's favorite place, and little miss LOVES the beach! She never minds how cold the water is and spends most of her time trying to eat sand.  Manny has a blast sharing his favorite place with his favorite little girl!

     We finished our beach day at our favorite cupcake place- Sprinkles! Gabriella had her first sprinkles cupcake and loved it!
     We topped off the weekend at our favorite restaurant-Lucille's bbq! We are so thankful and had a lot of fun celebrating Manny and his first Father's Day. He is an awesome dad, and the little Miss really LOVES him. She is definitely a daddy's girl. In fact, her favorite word is daddy...and she says it ALL.the.TIME.

     A few other randoms from this month:
     Gabriella has started walking (with us holding her hands) or pushing her little walking toy. 

     She loves to shop with me! She is a nosy nellie and there are lots of people to look at and talk to :)

     She is obsessed with the dishwasher. She can hear it open from a mile away and comes crawling like crazy to "help."

     We finished out the month by taking a Baby and Me swim class. Gabriella was the youngest one in her class, and I thought after the first day she may be to young to understand but she proved me wrong. Her biggest accomplishment the first week was being able to put her head under water! 
     This month we've enjoyed lots of time swimming and hanging out as a family. Thankful for these mello weeks because July is about to be busy....and we will soon have a 1 year old! Where has the year gone??!

     Now that we have had plenty of time to relax, we are gearing up to head to Montana!

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