Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Montana Vacation Part ONE (roadtrip and Yellowstone National Park)

      We hit the road and drove 16 hours to Montana in the middle of July. We were in much need of a break from life here in southern California so this vacation couldn't have come at a better time. We broke our trip up over two days which made it very manageable, especially for travelling with an almost one year old. Gabriella did GREAT! However, each day it was like she knew we were almost there because the last 45 minutes she was not having the car anymore.


     We love a good roadtrip and this one didn't disappoint. I love the open road and once out of California always am happy to tell Manny that I can finally breathe fresh air :) He's not impressed.  Once in Utah, it was a beautiful drive!

backside of the Teton's in the distance
     We stayed the first night in the middle of Utah and then continued on the next day into Bozeman. We stopped briefly in West Yellowstone. One of my favorite places is West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park so it was good to be back!

      We stayed the weekend at our very favorite hotel-the C'MON INN! We got into Bozeman early evening and hung around to wait for my dad who was flying in that night.

      On Friday, we spent the day with our tour guide (aka my Dad!) in Yellowstone. I loved showing Manny and Gabriella (not that she'll remember) some of my favorite places growing up. We stopped at our favorite campground- Madison- and walked around.  When we would camp here my dad and grandpa would get us up at sunrise to come and see all the elk bugle by this river.

      We ate lunch at a cute place in West Yellowstone, hit up our favorite candy store, and then continued on through the park. I was disappointed we hardly saw any wildlife- 1 buffalo (which my dad thought was a moose haha) and a handful of elk. I remember the days that buffalo lined the roads. We then stopped at the paint pots and bubbling mud pots. My dad and Gabriella napped while Manny and I hiked around.

      We then drove through Mammoth and out of the park. It was such a pretty drive and a fun day! We ended the night with dinner at the Oasis. I couldn't wait to take Manny and introduce him to finger steaks :)

      On Saturday we met up with more family in West Yellowstone. We stopped outside of the park at Baker's Hole-another campground we have stayed at.

     We had lunch with the fam bam, walked around West Yellowstone a little, and then headed back to our hotel so the kiddos could swim.

      Sunday we attended church at the country church we grew up at because my dad was preaching. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and catch up.
      We had lunch with good friends (#partyof22) and then headed up for the best week ever at camp!

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