Saturday, August 8, 2015

Montana Vacation Part TWO (Family camp at Clydehurst)

     We had the BEST week of vacation with family at Clydehurst Christian Ranch. Clydehurst is near and dear to my heart as I have not only been a high school and family camper, but also have spent time in the summers working as a crewgirl (in high school) and counselor (in college). I loved introducing one of my favorite places to Manny and Gabriella (not that she'll remember-but we'll be back!).

     It really was the perfect vacation-my entire family was there, no cell phone service, clear mountain air, beautiful views, cabins, hiking, the best food, and not having to cook or clean all week! My dad was the speaker for the week so we were blessed with two awesome chapels a day! Our chapel quote for the week- "The most enjoyable of all subjects has to be God, because God is the source of all joy." My dad taught from the books of Job and Judges. 
     A highlight for the kiddos was riding horses during the week! My mom took Gabriella on a ride which turned into a "cry ride" and by the end my mom was holding Gabriella on her hip-exactly why I didn't take her ;)

     Manny and I learned to fly-fish during the week. My dad and brothers taught Manny and Grant and spent almost every afternoon on the river. Manny loved it and has a new hobby now :)

     Our kids had the BEST time. They play, fight, treat, and love each other like they are siblings. Blake can make Gabriella laugh like no one can :) They loved being outside and were always exhausted by the end of the day. They swam, rode horses, caught snakes (the older two), held kitties and bunnies, played games, and even had babysitters every night so we could play games and hang out as adults! 

     One afternoon our Steeple Hike was cancelled so my siblings, Manny, and I hiked up and explored Camp Falls. It was raining as we started out but turned into a beautiful day.

     Ben, Nicole, Manny, and I decided to hike around since the afternoon turned into a beautiful day! We started hiking up the mountain to get some gorgeous views and ended up doing the hike to Steeple. IT.WAS.HARD. We stopped alot (except for tour guide Ben who made the hike look easy!). The hike was about 5 miles (roundtrip) and had big inclines at times but we did it! And our views were amazing!!! I'm so glad I could take Manny up to Steeple-something I had been looking forward to since we decided over a year ago that we were going to camp. 

One big highlight of camp was the 4-wheeler. Papa took the kids for a ride numerous times, and Gabriella cried when she had to get off of it. Manny was on one for the first time and also loved it!

     A few other randoms from our week at camp.....

     We look forward to spending more time at Clydehurst in the summers to come. It truly is the perfect vacation for our family!! We are so thankful for such a relaxing and blessed week :)

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