Monday, November 9, 2015

September 2015

     At the end of August, Manny and I re-evaluated our situation and decided that I would quit my job and stay home with the little miss and work on my business. This was a big answer to prayer and such a relief! I gave notice at my work and agreed with my boss that I would finish out full-time in the middle of September, but stay on part-time until the end of October.
     We were busy in September with football season and watching Manny and Nick's final football season. Manny was the Offensive Coordinator this year, and it was fun to see him in that role this season. He did great!

     Gabriella loves to "help" us do stuff. She is into everything and starting to have a little more of an attitude-especially when told no! She discovered the toilet this month and we've had to dig a few things out from it. 

     Our sweet girl is starting to develop a little sass! She is saying more and more words and has mastered walking. We also began going to MOPS this month and love it!

     As always, the month of September went by so slow but the little miss has kept us on our toes as she hit the ground running every day :)


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