Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 years together

     10 years ago on 2/24/06, Manny and I started dating. We met in December of 2005 at college. During finals week at Trinity International University, the dining hall would open from 10pm-6am for students to study, play games, eat snacks, and hang out. I showed up one night and a friend asked me to play a card game with her boyfriend and his friends. Manny and I were partnered together during that game and a friendship started from there!
    We went our separate ways during Christmas break but once back in January we became quick best friends. We texted, talked, and hung out all the time. It wasn't until mid-February that I called my mom one day and said "ya know my friend Manny??...I think I like him." My mom said she already knew :)
    On February 24, 2006, we went mini-golfing with friends and then headed to the "beach" aka Lake Michigan and that is where Manny and I decided to start dating!....Almost 3 years later on November 2, 2008, Manny would ask me to marry him at that exact same spot!!

     We've had a blast together the past 10 years! One of my favorite seasons of our relationship were our college football days! Although I complained ALOT about never getting to see my boyfriend (and then fiance), I had a blast going to Manny's games and cheering on my #75!

      During college, we ate out at restaurants a lot, watched a lot of movies, visited downtown Chicago pretty frequently, hung out at my parents house (20 minutes away), and watched a ton of football! We had a great group of friends and were always together with them too ;)

     On May 22, 2009, we got married in Libertyville, Illinois, honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and then were off in our Budget rental truck to drive 2,000 miles to California.
     Living in California has had its ups and downs, but we've always had each other to go through them! We've had some really fun times, made some good friends, attended 2 great churches, and have lived 3 different places. We've had 2 dogs (Lola and Bella), gone to USC games, Angels games, and visited the beach a lot! We made life work with 1 car for over a year, struggled through infertility, unemployment, and a few job changes. And we've seen God's faithfulness in our life here!

     We have had a blast travelling and getting out any chance we get! We've camped, hiked mountains, road-tripped hundreds of miles, flown thousands, have loved exploring every new place we've gone. And we have even decided that California is probably not the place we want to settle! :)
     Our biggest pride and joy during our last 10 years is our sweet Gabriella Reese and her new sibling (boy or girl tbd next week!)...
     Currently (10 years into our relationship), we have been married almost 7 years, have (almost) 2 kids, have 2 dogs, Manny is a CFO (and CPA), I am a stay at home mom and essential oil educator, we attend a great church, drive a Honda pilot and Honda accord, and live in a 2-bedroom apartment (moving to a 3 bedroom condo next week). We have fun, laugh a lot, and try to live simple! 
     We are so thankful for the last 10 years together and pray for many more!!! 

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