Monday, February 22, 2016

Chicago Christmas 2015

     We flew to Chicago in the middle of December to get ready for Christmas! My mom and sister helped a ton with Gabriella so I could rest and sleep as the morning sickness continued.  Luke flew in a few hours after we did, and my grandma happened to be flying through Chicago and stayed a night too!

     Gabriella loved playing with all the new toys and especially her cousins. This visit there was lots of fighting between Gabriella and Kolby! Blake was a big help with keeping an eye on Gabriella and spent a lot of time getting her whatever she wanted. Gabriella and Miles are the closest in age and loved being together. He loved giving her kisses, and she loved feeding him his bottle!

     One of my favorite pictures from our trip was our kids watching Papa's train under the tree. Growing up, my grandpa had a train under my grandparents tree. I have lots of memories laying under the tree watching it, and its so fun that our kids get to do the same thing!
     In the days leading up to Christmas, we visited Nana at work, went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops, and did some fun Christmasy things around the house.

     Gabriella experienced her first SNOW! yay!! Papa took her out to see it in the evening and the next morning she had a tiny amount to run in.

     Manny flew in on December 23rd. Christmas Eve, we went to lunch at Red Robin and then in the evening attended a Christmas Eve service. The kids then opened a present or two and we ate snacks and watched a movie! I love Christmas Eve!

     Christmas morning we were up bright and early! The kids opened their stockings and then their gifts. Blake and Kolby were so excited, they opened some of Gabriella's too :) Gabriella got a new baby doll and some accessories to practice for our new baby!

     Ben and Nicole came up for a few days after Christmas and Luke's girlfriend flew in from North Dakota. It went by so fast, but we had a great time playing games, eating pizza, and hanging out!

     We had a bad snow/ice storm and Gabriella got to experience real snow. She was teething, tired, crabby, and so not impressed.

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