Tuesday, February 23, 2016

January 2016

     Gabriella had lots of fun new things to play with once we were home from Christmas in Chicago. It was "cold" (California cold) outside so we were indoors most of the month. Gabriella stayed busy playing in her new car and playing with her little people while I laid on the couch or was throwing up (still-ahh).

     This month we saw the little mother come out in Gabriella. She LOVES her babies! She sings to them, pats them, feeds them, cuddles them, and puts them to bed. They even started coming into the bath with her or in the car when we leave.

     This month the little miss has become more and more independent and has started to develop a little attitude. She is more opinionated and has started to say NO....a lot. Eating has started to become a struggle since she now has an opinion.  Gabriella has also started to chatter a little more and is also saying more words. Daddy is her favorite and I usually only get a mama or Moooom in a whine :) #soitbegins

     My belly started to grow more and I began feeling the baby move. This baby may be busier than Gabriella. I finally stopped throwing up at 16 weeks and started feeling better by the end of the month.
14 weeks

     We are enjoying seeing our little girl's personality start coming through. Though she is so so sweet, she can also be sassy!

     We finished up the month at Gabriella's 18 month appointment. She weighs 26 pounds and is still in the 99th percentile for height.

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