Friday, February 26, 2016

Las Vegas (Feb 2016)

     Manny had a business trip scheduled for Las Vegas so Gabriella and I tagged along with him! Las Vegas is not a favorite destination of ours, but it was fun to get away for a few days! We arrived on Monday afternoon and stayed at the Mirage. It is beautiful and has great restaurants! First stop was dinner at BLT burger.

     Manny had mornings and part of the afternoons free so we had a chance to walk around a little and eat breakfast (and sometimes lunch) together each day.  We took Gabriella to see the Bellagio water show-she wasn't as impressed as we thought. Her highlight was quacking at the ducks in front of the Mirage :)

     On Tuesday while Manny was in meetings, Gabriella and I walked some of the strip, ate lunch at the Bellagio, and topped off the afternoon at Sprinkles Cupcakes! She was very good at lunch and got lots of compliments! Gabriella loved looking around everywhere and especially loved all the water we saw.

     Gabriella slept great at night but napping was basically non-existent. Lets just say at dinner on Tuesday evening, I had to leave most of my food and take the crying little girl to put her to bed.

     On Wednesday, we headed back to Sprinkles Cupcakes and we walked through the gardens at the Flamingo! Gabriella loved seeing the different animals and the little waterfalls.

      We had some time on our last full day (Wednesday) to spend time with Manny so we walked through the shops at Caesars, ate a quick dinner at BLT burger again, and then headed to Serendipity 3 for a Frozen Hot Chocolate.

    We had a fun time in Vegas together but were definitely ready to return home. We'll be back in the Fall for an important wedding and with an extra family member this time :)

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