Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: The Way to My Heart

     It's Show and Tell Tuesday, and I am linking up to share the way to my heart! :)
     I'm not really a gifts and flowers kind of girl, although those things are nice sometimes. When receiving them I would prefer that it be on a random day of the year and not expected like on Valentines Day etc. One of the biggest ways to my heart is this...
     ..... a black and white cupcake (or two!) from Sprinkles! It is probably good that the closest one to us is over an hour away or I could single-handedly keep them in business!
      Other than a Sprinkles cupcake, here are a few things my hubby does that go straight to my heart!

 He loves my family and spending time with them. Since we live in California and they live in Illinois and North Dakota, he is always finding a way to get them out here or us back to them. He'll drive us hours to see them when they get within 6-8 hours of us, he's happy when my mom can come and spend a month with us to help out with Gabriella and soon the new baby, and he's happy to spend all his vacation time from work to vacation with them or visit them.

Even though he is a major guys guy (and grew up with only brothers), he can be found almost every night playing Little People princesses or baby dolls with our 18 month old :)

He gets up in the middle of the night or early morning when Gabriella is crying, talking, or just up early.

Every morning he makes Gabriella and I breakfast after he gets home from the gym. (Ok I am starting to sound really lazy but I swear it's the pregnancy!)

When he mentions our dream plans of moving to Colorado and lets me show him hundreds of pictures of places I want to visit there and take our family to, things I want to do, and my dream house in Colorado.

Although he grew up a beach bum, he has a new found love for the mountains, camping, and hiking (my favorites)


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