Friday, March 18, 2016

February 2016

     February (being the shortest month of the year) usually flies by but this year seemed to drag on and on, probably for 2 reasons... #1 We were planning to move to a bigger place on March 1st and couldn't wait to be out of the apartment we were in...and #2 We had our 21 week ultrasound scheduled for February 29th and were dying to find out if this baby was a boy or a girl.
     We tried to pass the time by getting out and enjoying the nice weather. We packed in lots of park dates, a toddler bootcamp at the library, and a gymnastics open gym in.

     We had a fun month meeting up with friends too. Gabriella LOVES kids and babies :)

      Going to Las Vegas did break up the month a little, and it was nice to get out of town for a few days!! 
    Gabriella is becoming more and more independent. She loves babies, little people, bossing the dogs around, and "helping" us or copying what we are doing ;) She is talking a lot more and playing better by herself. She loves to be outside but taking walks is becoming difficult because she doesn't want to sit in the stroller (it's the same with shopping).  

     Just to keep it real, Gabriella spent just about as much time in front of the TV this month as she did doing everything else because I had stuff to get done with moving etc! She watched the movie Frozen a million times- I was so over it by the end of February! We did notice each time Elsa put up her hands to make ice, Gabriella copied it.
     And finally February 29th-the day of our ultrasound came! Manny walked out in the morning wearing blue (unintentionally), and I asked if it was because his vote was a boy?!
     Our ultrasound went well! The ultrasound tech commented that it was hard to get measurements etc because baby is so busy! She did the scan for my doctor and then called Manny back and showed us baby. She started from the head and worked her way down and then confirmed we wanted to know. It took her a minute because the umbilical cord was in the way...and then I knew what it was. She pointed to the screen and said "you see that?" It's a boy! Manny about jumped out of his chair and then gave me a high 5! 
our cheerleader ready for another footballer to join the fam

     And that's a wrap for a LOONNNGGGG month! :)

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