Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Mom

     Today I am linking up for Let's Talk, and this month's topic is Moms and Motherhood. I'm very thankful for such a wonderful Mom. She has been an incredible role model for my journey into motherhood. 
      My mom is one of the most selfless people I know. For as long as I can remember, she has always put others, especially her family, before herself. My mom is also one of the most thoughtful and encouraging people I know. She is always thinking of others, in fact, almost every time I call her (which is ALOT), she is making dinner for someone and their family. She is so good at serving others! 

     My mom raised 4 great kids and has always been very involved in our lives. Growing up, we could get nothing past my mom-she knew everything. Even though I may not have appreciated how involved she was during my bratty junior high and high school years, I look back and am SO thankful that she was. I now see how much she cared and wanted what was best for us. She put up with some very bad attitudes and drama but continued to love us unconditionally and hold high standards for us. I totally get it now and plan to do the exact same thing with my kids :)
     My mom is not only an amazing mom but also an amazing Nana! Her grandkids LOVE her, and she is so thoughtful with them. And she has the energy to keep up with (and clean circles around) all of us. She has been a big help and encouragement to my little family, and I know she is the same to my siblings and their families. 

     I consider my mom my best friend! She is always there for me and always encouraging me. I pray that I can be a mom like her and that I will have the same relationship with my daughter. Love you Mom!

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