Monday, April 18, 2016

March 2016

     March was here and gone before we knew it this year. We had a lot going on and throwing Easter in there just added to it! We moved to a 3 bedroom condo on March 1st. We LOVE it and are so thankful for God's provisions. It is perfect for our little family and dogs. Since March 1st fell on a weekday, we made small trips each evening and then Gabriella and I would go over during the day to put things away. On March 5th, we moved everything else in!

When backing out of the garage I slightly hit the side of the car but it scared the dogs so Bella rode on Gabriella. Gabriella thought it was hilarious

     Moving gave me a chance to go through ALL of our stuff and organize/donate/throw away etc. I do love to clean and get rid of stuff! Gabriella and the dogs adjusted really well to our new place. Manny and I love that we are in seclusion and the dogs don't have people to bark at The peace and quiet is SO nice!!!

     On March 10th, Manny turned 30! We celebrated and went to dinner with some friends at his favorite restaurant-Lucille's! It was really fun and the little miss did really good considering our reservation was at 7:30 pm-her bedtime! We also celebrated with Manny's co-workers and met them for lunch one day at Shiki-a sushi and teppan grill. It was my first experience and really fun! Gabriella loved using chopsticks and loved the fire.


     We put our season passes to use and visited Wet N Wild for the first time! We loved it-especially Gabriella! She went back and forth between the wave pool and the big play area for kids!

     At the end of the month Gabriella started swimming lessons with Manny. They both LOVE it, and she is actually learning some things- and we are learning some things to and can continue to work with her!

A few other randoms from this month: 
     We were busy going to MOPS and also joined BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Gabriella and I love going to both. She walks right into her class each time and is ready to play. I love that BSF also teaches her. Her teacher told me on the first day that she sat during the story and singing. That is a miracle!! ;)
     We had some sleep issues with Gabriella to take care of this month. She had been waking up (for quite some time) at 5 am ready for the day. I was pretty inconsistent with her naps, as in, she would take 1 or 2 depending on the day and they were all over the place. I started pushing her bedtime back to 8-8:30 and still 5 am..BAM she was up. I had also started to try napping her in a regular bed to transition her before baby and naps weren't to great either. So I pulled out my sleep training book and found out because she was waking up before 6 am, she was actually overtired.....who knew?! AND its recommended that she still be in a crib (she hasn't even tried to climb out).
     We made some adjustments- started putting her to bed at 7 pm, switched to 1 nap/day (at the same time each day), and she started sleeping until almost 6 am immediately! She has her days where she wakes up between 5-6 am, and we keep her in her crib until close to 6. She has even learned to put herself back to sleep!

     Gabriella was thrilled when we set up and got bedding for the single bed. Our dog Lola was also thrilled, as she can actually jump onto this bed. We often find Lola has taken over the bed.

     Gabriella loves to be outside and around water. Her water table has come in handy, and I often find her sitting in it :)
     Her cousin Mason came over to play one day. He brought his aunt Ruth and Gabriella was thrilled.

     Now that the sleeping situation is getting better, we will be moving onto eating. With moving, we had gotten into the bad habit of letting Gabriella eat in front of the TV and drink milk whenever. The girl could drink milk all day long. She has started to be picky, not want to eat, not want to sit at the table to eat etc so we'll begin working on that.
     A few Gabriella sayings: uh-who (uh oh), nak nak nak (snack), bye-ee a ayer (bye-see ya later)
     We have been meeting friends at the park many mornings during the week! We love to get out and it has definitely helped transition to 1 nap. I'm enjoying getting together with friends more often, and Gabriella loves playing with other kids. We visited one park with a duck pond, and I had my work cut out for me because Gabriella wanted to get in the gross pond water. I did try and teach her how to feed the ducks. She mostly chased them to give them some bread or she threw the bread and picked it up to eat herself.

     Manny has been busy preparing taxes this month, and we are thankful for his clients and the opportunity he has to do this on the side! My belly is getting bigger and baby boy is crazy busy-especially at night! He kicks at Gabriella whenever she is sitting on my lap. Overall, I am feeling really well. I'm not getting great sleep so am a little tired and cranky but otherwise pretty good. I've started to really have an appetite-uh oh!
     We finished out the month celebrating Easter and our Risen Lord!

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