Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: A day in the Life of the DeAnda's

     Today I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday to share a day in the life of us! I love reading these posts from others, and I am excited to be able to look back in years to come on my own day in the life posts and remember what life was like.
     I documented Monday (4/18). I had a rough nights sleep on Sunday night and my day started at 5:44 am when I heard Gabriella talking/laughing/calling for me. She had cried out multiple times during the night but once I heard her talking and laughing I knew she was up.
     First things first....the dogs need to go out (for the first of 700 times)
 I went in to get Gabriella. She is currently still in the crib (at 21 months) Woo hoo! So she can't get up herself :)
 She is not the happiest person when she wakes up. She starts out by watching a show (Sofia the First or Sheriff Callie) and drinks milk.
 My morning pick-me-up is Hot Chocolate (sadly I am not a coffee drinker- love the smell, hate the taste)
 Gabriella watches her show for about 5 minutes and then is up ready to play. Our dog, Bella, has to be wherever we are...
 Our other dog, Lola, puts herself back to bed. If I remember to put her on our bed, she sleeps there. If not, she sleeps on Gabriella's big girl bed (which Gabriella doesn't sleep in yet). 
 Manny got home from the gym at 6:30 am and Gabriella was thrilled to see him- he is her favorite person!
  I started my workout- today was cardio so I did T25 (modified of course at 28 weeks pregnant)

 Its hard to workout when your toddler wants to workout with you/be held

 I occupied her with a movie and a banana oat power ball so I could finish my workout
After my workout, I took the dogs for a walk. It is wonderful when I get to do this myself :) Gabriella isn't a huge fan of walks and I spend more time trying to occupy her/pick up her toys that she drops/tell her to sit down when she is in her stroller. So today it was me, the dogs, and a little Ace of Base on my phone. 
 After my walk, I ate breakfast. Gabriella always has to share a grapefruit with me :)
 Manny headed off to work and then the little miss played while I cleaned the kitchen up 
 Typically, Gabriella takes 1 nap a day but after a very busy week last week and weekend she walked me to her crib at 8:15 am and was ready for a nap (I'll take it!)
 During her nap, I showered and then worked on my devotions and reading. Right now I am working on my BSF Bible Study of Revelation, I write in my journal, spend some time praying, and am trying to memorize Psalm 103. My dad challenged us to memorize it last Fall and so far I have 5 verses down.... #itsastart 
I also read about 1 chapter of a Personal Development book each day. Currently, I am re-reading The Slight Edge. This book is awesome-highly recommend! 
 I started the gray journal at the beginning of my infertility journey with Gabriella and used it to document my pregnancy with her. I started writing in it again with baby boy so I also use this time to write any pregnancy updates. I switched everything into Gabriella's journal and also try and update that with new things she is doing etc. 
I did a few food prep things and then Gabriella woke up from her nap.  She has to bring her paci, blanket, and pillow with her.
 We read some books and played in her room after her nap. The dogs are always right there with us!

 Gabriella spends a good part of the day lining up little people all over the house...
 She loves to "help" me with things like laundry, unloading/loading the dishwasher etc
 She was hungry for a "nak nak nak" (snack) around 10:45 so she ate lunch. She dips everything in ketchup. #gross
 Manny comes home for lunch everyday! We look forward to it, and it breaks up our day. 
 Gabriella rocks and sings "Jesus Loves Me" to her babies 50 times a day and gave us a little performance during lunch. 

 Manny went back to work, Gabriella played some more, and then I put her down for a 2nd nap.
I then did some doTERRA work, made my plans for the week, and worked on some lists (I LOVE lists!). And of course, I had my afternoon pick-me-up- Iced Tea!!! I love the peace and quiet of the afternoons :) Typically (since Gabriella naps once/day), I do my devotions and then some doTERRA work and any other chores/things I want to get done. Let's be real....I hardly get any of that accomplished...but I try ;)
Gabriella woke up from her nap and wanted a "nak nak nak" (snack). She loves fruit and vegetables!
 We played outside before dinner. It was 90 degrees today (gross!). This girl loves to drink water from the hose. Lola likes to sun herself during the day :)
 Manny got home from work and before dinner he chased Gabriella around. This is always the highlight of her day!
 We ate dinner and then Manny headed off to finish up some tax stuff at his office. Gabriella is learning to pick up her toys so each night before her bath or bed, we pick up her toys. Right now it's a fun game for her so I am enjoying it while it lasts ;)

After her bath, Gabriella drank her milk and watched a little Sofia the First .

 Then she played on our bed for a few minutes, and we FaceTimed my mom to say hi!
 7 pm and Gabriella is in bed and old lady Lola has also put herself to bed! 

 Once the little miss was in bed, I straightened up and then took a bath/read my book. 
 It had been quiet and about half way through my bath I heard her talking/singing. Manny also called to say he was on his way home and that he had gotten tickets to the Angel's game when my Cardinals are in town! Go CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the little miss was having a hard time going to sleep and Manny was on his way home, I got her up to see him. 
 He brought ice cream home to celebrate the end of tax season and she was thrilled!
 Once she was back in bed, we watched one of our shows- tonight was Quantico!
 And around 9 pm we headed to bed since the alarm goes off at 4:30 am.....Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm the same way with coffee! I love the smell, hate the taste!