Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016

     April came and went before we knew it. We stayed pretty busy this month which is great because this pregnancy is going by faster! This month we spent a lot of time with friends, at the park, and at Bible Study/MOPS.  We are so thankful for the new friendships we have developed and are having a blast meeting up each week ;)

      We celebrated my 31st birthday at the beginning of April. Manny took me to dinner one night at our favorite BBQ place-Lucille's! It was fun to celebrate together and have time to chat without entertaining at toddler and trying to hurry up and eat at the same time :)
     I had my 26 week appointment on my birthday. Everything looked good- my doctor commented how busy baby is, and I was given my c-section date! Manny took Gabriella to work with him while I went to my appointment...he thought he'd be able to get some work done. #yeahright.
     Gabriella finished up her swimming "lessons" with Manny this month. She LOVED them but was always ready to be done by the end of the 30 minutes. We are thankful that we also learned some ways to work with her in the pool. They worked a lot on getting in and out of the pool. We were even at a swimming birthday party and noticed Gabriella doing some of the things she learned! Each time they worked on getting out of the pool, Gabriella always had to run up and say hi to me or make sure other people were watching her.

     Gabriella LOVES playing in water and spent lots of time on hot days in the pool or playing with her water table. Even on not so warm days she was still outside pouring water all over herself.

     I am still feeling pretty good with this pregnancy. Baby boy is very busy! I feel like my stomach is bigger already with this pregnancy. Sleep has not been great this month which has made for some long and cranky days. Ah!
     We took Gabriella to Tom's Farm so she could ride a carousel for the first time and do some other fun things. She loved riding the carousel and yelled HI each time she passed me :)
     A few other random things from this month:
     Anytime we go anywhere a few things have to come with us- nail polish, a broom/brush, little people, and baby dolls are among the most likely to travel with us. On this day, it was a baby and a purse full of nail polish :)
     We love to give Gabriella treats but it has also been hard because she expects them and only wants them all.the.time. I started giving her a sucker when I shopped because it makes it so much easier (and quicker)....well now whenever we are out and she asks for a "nak nak nak" (snack) she refuses everything because she wants a sucker. I also bought freezer pops this month and those are the first thing she asks for in the morning...uh no!

     Gabriella is starting to refer to more and more things with "my" in front of it- "my daddy", "my Jesus" etc. She loves for us to get her Storybook Bible so she can read "my Jesus"...
     Gabriella's favorite person continues to be her daddy :) She is thrilled whenever he is home or when we can meet him for lunch etc.

     We enjoy our days together (even though I'm not as popular as daddy!!!)!! Gabriella loves to read books, stack or line things up, play outside, and whatever she is doing....she wants us right there with her!

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