Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation!

     Today I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday to share my favorite vacation! I grew up travelling a lot with my family and had lots of fun vacations! I am thankful for parents who instilled the love of travel in us and who loved to show us many places around the United States. We lived in Montana and road tripped everywhere so we saw a lot along the way to whatever destination we had!
     Since being married and having a family of my own, I would have to say my favorite vacation so far is a road trip we took to Montana (from southern California) last summer. I didn't realize how much I miss a good road trip and the open road! We took 2 days to drive the 16 hours to Bozeman, Montana.
     We stayed the weekend in Bozeman and a few of my favorites were: staying at the C'MON Inn, introducing my hubby to the Oasis Steakhouse, and visiting Yellowstone National Park.

     My very favorite part of vacation started that Sunday when we headed up to the Boulder mountains and Clydehurst Christian Ranch for a week (side note: the movie A River Runs Through It was filmed right where we were.). It was amazing and the perfect vacation! My entire family was able to go to camp and my dad was the chapel speaker for the week so it really was perfect. We each had our own cabin and all of our meals were taken care of in the dining hall. It was a great week of relaxation and not having to spend any time cooking or worrying about babysitting because it was all taken care of for us :).

    We spent the week going to chapel (twice a day), eating awesome camp food, hiking, fly-fishing, napping, riding horses, playing games, riding 4-wheelers, and just relaxing. We could do everything or we could do nothing! Clydehurst has a pool, basketball court, sand volleyball, game hall, horses, skeet-shooting, archery, zip line, and so much more. They organize hikes and other activities or we can do those things on our own if we want. 
     Our kids may have had more fun than we did. They played in the pool, rode horses, played games, held kitties and bunnies, hunted snakes (gross!), and ran around free for five and a half days! While we went to chapel, our kids went to kiddie chapel to play games, sing songs, and learn about Jesus. Each afternoon the camp counselors ran an afternoon program that we had the option to drop our kids at if we wanted an afternoon to do activities or even just nap kid free ourselves! And then at night, we also had the option to request a babysitter (counselor) to watch/play with/stay with our kids while we played games, grabbed coffee, and hung out with other adults. 
My dad speaking at chapel

Nana took Gabriella on a horse ride

my brother teaching me to fly-fish

     This was my husband's (the city boy) first time at camp and he LOVED it! It was also the perfect mama vacation because I didn't have to spend any time cooking or cleaning, and I had the option to put my baby in the afternoon program or have a babysitter at night. Gabriella was almost one and won't remember it, but my nephews (4.5 and 2.5) still talk about Clydehurst and how much fun they had.

     Friday may have been my favorite day at camp because after chapel we did Field Riots. Lots of games, water, and loud music. My nephews (and every other kid there) had a blast and so did the adults!

     Then Friday night was steak night! Our kids were fed early and went on a hayride with the counselors while we got to enjoy a nice steak dinner with adults. Everyone LOVED it!!

      Saturday morning we packed up and headed home from the most relaxing and refreshing vacation! We plan to work this into a regular rotation every few years because it really was an amazing week! I can't wait for my kids to be able to participate a little more and remember all the fun camp memories in the years to come!
A few other pictures from our week at camp...
my family

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  1. This sounds like a great time! We're only about 4 hours from Bozeman, but I've actually never been there. I've been trying to talk my husband into taking a weekend trip over this summer.

    1. Oh you totally should! Email me if you need any recommendations of places to eat/stay, things to do etc :) erindeanda@gmail.com