Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016

We packed a lot into the month of May, yet, it still seemed to go slow. We kicked off the month with Gabriella getting the hand, foot, and mouth virus from the church nursery. She started with a fever and was tired all the time for a few days and then the sores started to appear. The sores didn't seem to bother her, thankfully. We quarantined ourselves inside and cancelled most of our plans because I didn't want her to spread it to anyone else. Our time at home was just what we needed since I had practically been running us ragged with activities :)

 While we were stuck at home, I decided it may be a good time to potty train little miss G. We followed the 3-day potty training plan (with an exception or two). The first few days were a little brutal and exhausting, but it has been well worth it, and she is potty trained!

 We took Gabriella to her first Major League Baseball game! My Cardinals came to town to play Manny's Angel's so we had a blast (Cardinals won all 3 games!). Manny spent most of the time chasing Gabriella around, but she did play on the seats beside for awhile. When she wasn't running, she was eating (or drinking pop)! I introduced her to one of my favorites- Dip N Dots Ice Cream :)
3 Cardinal Fans and 1 Angels Fan :)

We had park dates, play dates, started a Mommy and Me Book Club, and went to a fun Kids Club with friends!

We introduced Gabriella to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour! We thought she would love it because there is a lot going on but she didn't appreciate all the loud sounds/singing etc. She did love the ice cream though.

 On May 22nd, we celebrated 7 years of marriage! We are so thankful for all of God's blessings and his faithfulness as we look back on 7 years together. We had a busy weekend and just had plans to get take-out at a new restaurant in town and lay low at home. Well plans changed and we ended up at our favorite BBQ place-Lucille's-....with Gabriella. She did really well, and we had a good time. #soromantic

We finished out the month by hitting the beach! Gabriella LOVED it! She didn't seem to mind the freezing cold water at all but mostly sat on the shore and played in the sand. Manny was thrilled that she loves the beach just as much as he does :).

  My highlight was stopping at Sprinkles Cupcakes after the beach :)

A few other random things from this month:
 Gabriella alternates between one and two naps a day. Most of the time it is one nap but at least once a week she needs two. She now requires a crib full of stuffed animals, babies, and a few blankets. 

 Eating is a struggle. She won't sit at the table for more than a few minutes and ends up eating most of her meals on the couch. At 34 weeks pregnant, I am picking my battles and right now that is not one of them. She is picky about what she eats so it is always hit or miss. I've heard its the age (and am taking comfort in that!). She does love sweets and could eat them all day long if we let her. I bought her a cake pop at Starbucks one day while we were in Target and now every time we are at Target or going through Starbucks, she thinks she needs one. #uhno

We have the new baby's room mostly set up (except for the pink stuff in the crib because Gabriella still uses the crib). I had my first #yesmom moment while we were setting some things up, and I let Gabriella go for it with the styoafoam.
 Gabriella got her first french braids!

   I have some little projects/cleaning etc that I am trying to finish up! My belly has gotten pretty big and baby boy is on the go all.the.time! Just keeping it real-I've been pretty cranky too. #poorManny Here is to hoping and praying that June goes much faster than May did!!! :)

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