Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gabriella-2 Years Old

     On July 28th, our sweet Gabriella Reese turned 2 years old! It seems like just yesterday our doctor was announcing "it's a GIRL" in the delivery room, and here she is turning 2! Gabriella is a major daddy's girl. If her daddy is in the room, no one else matters to Gabriella. She lights up whenever she sees him!
     At 2 years old, Gabriella has between 30-40 words. She has a few phrases ("thank you daddy", "where is it") but otherwise likes to just point and mumble! She is potty trained for the most part. She still wears a pull-up or diaper at naps/night time and wears a pull-up when we go out. Gabriella has turned into a picky eater. She does love fruits and vegetables and will almost always eat those but otherwise any other food is hit or miss. She would each ketchup or BBQ sauce as a meal if we let her.
     Gabriella loves to play outside, go to the park, and she loves water. This summer she has spent quite a bit of time in the pool with Manny and has impressed us with all that she has picked up. She wears a puddle jumper and can tread water, "swim" a little, and loves to jump into the pool. She has done really well putting her head under water as well. Gabriella also loves to play in our backyard with the hose and her little pool. She just loves water!
     A few of Gabriella's favorites: her little people (she could spend all day lining them up around our house), movies, saying NO, stacking things, being chased, ice cream, popsicles, fruits/veggies, running errands, playing with friends, pushing her baby stroller. She always has her blankie, paci, and a cup of milk by her side.

     Gabriella has a very sweet heart. She is very caring and loving but also very independent. She sympathy cries (sometimes hysterically) when her brother cries, and she always gives us a hug and says "hmmmmm" in a high pitch when she has done something wrong. She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

     Here are the last 12 months of Gabriella! 
JULY 2015
MARCH 2016
APRIL 2016
MAY 2016
JUNE 2016
JULY 2016

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