Thursday, August 18, 2016

June 2016

     June was the longest month EVER....well at least until my mom came on the 22nd.  We tried to stay busy but were anxious to meet baby boy so time went so slow.
     Despite being a million weeks pregnant, we did try and get out to the beach, splash pad, and swim to beat the heat.

     My mom came on the 22nd, and we were so excited to see her! I loved having my mom, and Gabriella loved her time with her Nana. She copied everything my mom did :)

     The night before delivery day my brother Luke came to visit! We picked him up at the airport and introduced him to our favorite BBQ-Lucille's!

     And then the big day arrived...FINALLY! We arrived at the hospital at 7 am and at 9:03 am our baby boy was born!

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