Saturday, August 20, 2016

Madden-1 Month Old

     Madden's first month flew by, probably because he spent the first 9 days in the NICU with some respiratory issues. He spent his first days in the incubator (unless we were holding him) and under the bili lights (thank you jaundice). When he was 5 days old we got to do his first feeding- a whole 3 mL. He porked it right down! His feedings increased over the next few days, and he let the nurses know he was hungry!

     The NICU only allows grandparents and parents in to visit. My parents both came, and the NICU let my brother come in for a few minutes to see Madden since he was in town from North Dakota and would be leaving before Madden was released.

      Madden came home on July 8th and met his big sister for the first time! Gabriella wouldn't let him out of her sight for the first night, and then after that she didn't seem to notice him much.  Thankfully, Madden was able to sleep through all the girl screams and loud noises this month!

     My dad left the day after Madden came home, but my mom was able to stay with us for a few more weeks. She loved holding and cuddling the little man. And he LOVES to be held.

     We introduced Madden to our favorite store, Target! And we also ventured out to get his newborn pictures.

      Madden has been very laid back and sleeps most of the day and night. He does wake every 2-3 hours to eat...and he doesn't miss a meal! Towards the end of the month he smiled for the first his dad...of course. #samewithhissister

      We looked forward to bringing Madden home and seeing the brother/sister relationship develop. Gabriella surprised us and really didn't pay much attention to Madden. She insisted he come with us whenever we would go somewhere, and she would occasionally point to him and say "baby", but otherwise, she went about her day and he happened to be there. In the first 2 weeks Madden was home, Gabriella asked to hold him twice (for about 2 seconds). The most she paid attention to him was when he cried....and then she would cry too.

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