Wednesday, September 21, 2016

August 2016

     The month of August seems like a blur and looking back came and went pretty quickly. I'm thankful for that, and I think part of the blur was that having 2 kids continued to kick our butts. Madden was up every few hours at night which left me exhausted, impatient, and just cranky. Gabriella hit the terrible 2's full force and so life at our house this month wasn't all that fun. #keepinitreal
     We did manage to get out a little this month and that did help some! We visited the splash pad, had friends over, and stayed cooped up inside otherwise because it was so hot.

     Gabriella had her 2 year appointment and Madden had his 2 month appointment this month. We switched Pediatricians because their insurance switched, and I loved our old Pediatrician, but our new one is great too!

      Gabriella started becoming a little more attentive to Madden this month. I caught her a few times trying to give him a paci or bottle and even trying to play with him when he was on his play mat.

     Gabriella had fun with her cousin Mason a few times this month!

      And a few other random pictures from this I said, it was a blur!
little UND fan

her first pair of Nike's

our first family picture

they LOVE their dad

her first tutu
     The last week of the month, the kiddos and I jetted to Chicago to spend 3 weeks with my family!

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