Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chicago 2016

     Earlier this year, we decided to visit NYC over Labor Day Weekend. It worked out perfectly because my brother had a football game on Long Island so we decided to go to the game and then spend a few days exploring NYC. We had everything booked and then about a month before we were supposed to leave, my sister and I asked ourselves why we would even want to take 5 little kids to NYC?! We cancelled our trip and were so relieved. Instead, Manny and I decided that I should go to Chicago for 3 weeks and that he would join us towards the end of our trip. We would then go to Ohio for my brother's football game to take the place of the NYC game we missed.
     I flew for the first time by myself with both kids. They did great! Madden slept most of the flight, and Gabriella played or watched a movie on the iPad. She even slept the last hour of our flight. They both lost it once we were parked at the gate and it took people forever to get off the plane (we were in the back).

     We did a whole lot of nothing at my parents and it was perfect! Gabriella loved playing with her cousins and being able to play outside (since it wasn't 900 degrees out).

     We took lots of walks to the park and to pick up my nephew from kindergarten. We looked forward to our family walks each night and ending our day at the park.

         We had a few friends come over and visit and also got to have my grandma spend a weekend with us!

     Madden didn't lack for any attention...especially from his cousins! I often heard..."auntie erin, you have a cute baby"...."auntie erin, I love your baby!"

     Gabriella was so busy playing with cousins and playing outside that she was exhausted by bed time! Every night she read books with my dad and Miles and then listened to a Bible story and prayed with her uncle Grant, Blake, and Kolby.

     Manny joined us for a long weekend at the end of our trip. Gabriella was so excited to see him at the airport....and then none of us mattered to her once her daddy was around.
     On our last Friday in Chicago, our family got together (Luke facetimed in from his plane while they were on the runway going to Ohio) for a gender reveal for my sister's 4th baby. Anna's friend had a box filled with pink or blue....and we found out...it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
     We also made day trips to Apple Holler in Wisconsin and then to Bowling Green, Ohio (separate posts). We covered a lot of ground in those 3 weeks :) As always, I was so thankful for our time with my family. They really are the best, and I love to see how much my kids LOVE them and being with them. It's hard to not live close (praying that happens one of these days) so I am thankful we can spend good chunks of time with them!

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