Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Roadtrip to Ohio for UND Football

     On our last Saturday in Chicago, we drove 5 hours to Bowling Green, Ohio to watch my brother Luke and the UND Fighting Hawks play football! It was a really pretty drive across Indiana and Ohio to Bowling Green. Our car ride was less than pleasant on the way there because Gabriella cried practically the whole time.
     We got to Bowling Green a few hours before game time so my parents could do an interview for a UND radio broadcast. We ate lunch at Chipotle and then went into the stadium for warm-ups. The weather was super annoying and would rain on and off #notfunwhenyouhaveababy. The kids spent most of the game playing on the bleachers or eating....basically we gave them whatever they wanted so that we could enjoy the game :)

     As always, it was so fun to see my brother play in person. We love our UND Saturday's...

     Thanks to the rain and busy kids, we were back and forth from our seats to the concessions (where it was covered). At one point, Anna and I had all 5 kids...some crying, some trying to run away from us, and some putting gross stuff in their mouths...

     After the game, we let the kids run the field and work off some energy before our 5 hour drive back home.

      It was fun to see Luke after the game! Between 4 nephews/nieces someone always wanted him to hold them :)

     Countdown until our next trip to cheer on Luke and UND Football!!!

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