Thursday, December 15, 2016

Madden-5 months old

     At 5 months old, Madden weighs 22 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. He is in size 9-12 month shirts (leaning more towards 12 month) and 6-9 month pants. We still struggle with pants because his thighs are so big but his legs aren't THAT long yet. We did notice a growth spurt this month and his legs are seeming a little longer. 
     Madden started eating more foods this month. He wasn't a huge fan of rice or oatmeal, and I questioned whether he was really ready to start eating solids. However, once we started fruits and vegetables there was no question that he was ready! He loves sweet potatoes, banana's, squash, apples, and green peas (I was kind of shocked about that one). He HATES green beans and gags when he is fed them. I even try to hide them in other ones but he KNOWS and he gags. Madden is drinking about 5 ounces each feeding.
      Madden loves to sleep!...except at night when he wants to eat. He is usually up every 4 hours to eat. He goes to bed around 6;30-7 and wakes up anywhere between 12-2 am to eat and then he is up between 5-6 am. He naps 4-5 times during the day. Towards the end of this month he has been taking small naps and having a hard time staying asleep....I think some teeth may be coming?!
    Madden is our "talker". He babbles and chats A LOT especially at his sister (who is less than impressed). He has started giggling more too!
     He still loves the exesaucer and has really started playing with the toys on it. He also loves to grab and try and eat the toys hanging from his play mat. At the end of this month, he rolled over! For about a week he was rolling over but couldn't get over his arm, but he finally did it!
    Madden was a huge hit at his grandma's funeral and because so many relatives were in town, we were told a lot how much he looks JUST like his daddy when his daddy was a baby! That was fun to hear.
    Madden is such a sweet and happy baby. He rarely ever cries (although he is a little sensitive so when those feelings are hurt...they are HURT!). He spends most of his days smiling at whoever will look at him :) 
    Manny and I laugh because Madden literally does 4 things (besides eating). He sleeps, is held, plays in his exesaucer, or lays on his play mat. And those 4 things are basically repeated

      We started putting Madden in the nursery at church and at BSF this month and for the most part he has done really well. I was called the first week at BSF because he had gotten himself worked up. Otherwise, he has done great and has lots of nice ladies to smile at! 
     Some of his loves this month: his sister (he loves to sit by her, pull her hair, and talk to her), his daddy (he lights up as soon as he sees Manny), food, the bath (he loves to splash), riding in the seat on the grocery cart and looking around, the Christmas tree, and watching football with his daddy.

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