Tuesday, December 6, 2016

October 2016

     I've been dreading (and putting off) writing about this month because it was a month that had a great start and lots of fun things to look forward to, but it also ended up being the hardest month we have ever gone through, as we lost someone very near and dear to us.
     We started off the month still recovering from September so we kept things pretty low key. We had a few park dates and attended our weekly/bi-weekly BSF and MOPS.

     My mom flew in for a long weekend and we road tripped to Sacramento to see my brother.
 I dropped her off at the airport on Monday October 11th and that night started the worst week of our lives. Manny got a call that his mom was non responsive and on her way to the hospital.  She passed away on Friday, October 14th with Manny (and one of his brothers) by her side. We were devastated and miss her so much. It feels like we were JUST dancing and laughing with her at a family wedding.
     The rest of the month seemed like a blur in some ways. We began to plan a funeral and deal with such a sudden loss. Both kids were pretty whiny/fussy at times. We think they knew something wasn't right (but obviously are way to young to understand).

     We spent more time the rest of the month at the park with friends or at gymnastics open play. Gabriella LOVES gymnastics open play! I do have to fight Madden to not be fussy in the ergo. I finally have had to borrow one that faces out because little man is nosy and wants to see what is going on. It won't be long until he is out there with all the kids :)

      Gabriella likes to do whatever Madden is doing...so not to be left out :)
     We ended the month with a little Fall FUN which was much needed! And that's a wrap on October.

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