Sunday, December 4, 2016

Roadtrip to Sacramento for UND Football

     In the first part of October, my mom flew in, and the next day we road tripped to Sacramento to see my brother Luke and UND Football take on Sac State.
     We left mid-morning and got stuck in Friday rush hour traffic towards Sacramento so it made for a long day of traveling. The kids did really well except towards the end when they were just done, and we were stuck in traffic! We stopped at this cute little Western looking place (which wasn't all that cute inside). 
      We got into Sacramento and checked into our hotel around dinner time and then headed to Bucca di Beppo. The kids were just done for the day so it may have been the quickest sit down meal ever.

     We stayed at the same hotel as the Football team so we got to hang out in our room with Luke for part of the night!

     Saturday was game day but since the game wasn't until later, we got to spend most of the morning with Luke too! :) Before game time, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory to eat dinner and then the Mall to let Gabriella ride the carousel.

     After dinner and the mall, we were off to the game! The weather was really nice, and we had a lot of bleacher space to keep Gabriella busy. Madden fought trying to sleep and was pretty fussy until he finally gave in and went to sleep. And as always, we had a great time watching and cheering for Luke!

      After the game, we said goodbye to Luke and he jetted back North Dakota. We left bright and early the next morning for home. As always, we loved our roadtrip and getting to see my brother and his football team!

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