Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Fun

I was bound and determined this year to make a big deal about Christmas and just really enjoy the holiday season especially now that Gabriella is almost 2 1/2. Well that didn't exactly happen. I had quite a few plans but was to tired or emotionally drained to follow through I guess. I'll need a plan leading up to December next year :) We did do a few fun things this Christmas season though!
We made cookies and decorated them with friends. Gabriella loved making them and now wants to help with everything in the kitchen!
 I took the kids to see Santa and look around at the Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops. Santa hours start at 10 am so we showed up then and were given a pass for 11:30 am. I was nervous about killing time for an hour and a half, but we had plenty to do and Gabriella had a blast!
the elf was jumping up and down ringing bells and my kids still looked the other way
We took the kids to the Mission Inn to see it all lit up for Christmas. Gabriella loves Christmas lights so we couldn't wait to show her....but she could have cared less. The only attention she really gave to anything were to any dogs we would walk by. 
 We went back to Bass Pro Shops one night as a family to let the kids ride the carousel and let Gabriella look around. We then headed to an outdoor mall-Victoria Gardens- and walked around. It was decorated really cute, and Gabriella's highlight was riding the train :)
The kids and I did the photo booth at our MOPS Christmas party! They weren't sure what to think of it...
The last Christmasy thing we did before Christmas Eve/Christmas Day was meeting friends at Manning Street in Yucaipa and walking around to look at lights and see Santa. This Christmas season Gabriella thought Santa was Papa (ha!).

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