Thursday, January 5, 2017

November 2016

November came and went in a blink. We started November by celebrating Manny's mom's life. It was a hard day but the funeral was very nice. Manny had handled everything and did an amazing job of putting everything together. We had a nice reception at the same place she had hosted a baby shower for me just 2 years earlier (the same place she had had her baby shower when she was pregnant with Manny).
A few days after the funeral, we headed to North Dakota which was a much needed getaway. We had been looking forward to that trip all Fall and it was over and done with before we knew it. I think we were gone a total of 76 hours and about 24 of those were for travel.
One nice thing about living in California is that we go spend lots of time at the park year round :) So we did a lot of this in November...
 Gabriella attended her first birthday party-a gymnastics party! She loved it but wanted me out on the floor with her the whole time.
This month we moved Gabriella to a big girl bed, and Madden to the crib in his own room! We weren't sure how Gabriella would do or if she was ready, but it turned out, she was more than ready! She loves her bed, and we didn't have any problems with her getting out. We are ALL sleeping much better now!
We hosted Thanksgiving this year. Manny and I really love hosting, and we had a good time (especially considering that we have lost 3 family members since last Thanksgiving). We timed it right and our kids were both down for naps while we ate so Manny and I got to actually enjoy our meal :) And mom of the year didn't really take pictures that day (sorry Madden-your 1st Thanksgiving wasn't really documented!).
the only picture I took of Madden on Thanksgiving
I took Gabriella to a Frozen Sing Along at a local church. She loved it and had a great time! Her favorite was Olaf!
And we decorated for Christmas and relaxed before all the Christmas craziness began!

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