Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday-Steals and Splurges

It's Show and Tell Tuesday, and I am linking up with Andrea. Today we are discussing how we save and what we splurge on. I am very much about quality over quantity, but this wasn't always the case. I USED to be the queen of cheap- cheap clothes, cheap shoes, cheap groceries (hello couponing), cheap household items...cheap everything. If it was cheap, sign me up. I was about quantity or "saving money" instead of value. The more I bought cheap though, the more "junk" we had and the more I was replacing. So over the past few years I have really focused on quality over quantity! I have less stuff and the things I do have last so much longer. Here are some of the splurges we make, and some of the ways we save!

Like I said above, I used to be super cheap when it came to clothes and shoes. I thought more for cheaper prices was better. Well I ended up with a closet full of clothes I really didn't like that much or that fit weird after just a wash or two and super uncomfortable shoes that wore out pretty quick. Thanks to some recommendations from some of my favorite bloggers I found myself buying clothes/shoes at Nordstrom and a few other places and what a difference! 3-4 years later and I still have the shoes and many of the clothes. They fit better, they last longer, and they are so much better quality.

Make-up/Facial Products
In recent years, I've really been trying to take better care of my skin, so I buy a more expensive and better quality moisturizer, cleanser, mask, etc and I have noticed a huge difference. I've also started buying more expensive and quality makeup here and there and notice a difference as well. With having kids, I often put myself/stuff aside (hello motherhood), so I am trying to make taking care of myself a priority :)

Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money but my parents always found a way for us to travel...and we saw some amazing places and did some awesome things! Most of my memories from my childhood are the travels we did. My hubby never grew up traveling so that plus my love for travel has made me want to show and take he and our kids to all kinds of places. Even when we were first married and had seriously no money, we always found a way to travel (and none of this was put on a credit card!). We've made the best memories traveling and done and seen some really cool stuff. This is definitely something we will splurge on!

As much as I would love to shop and buy all of our groceries at our local grocery store, I would spend WAY too much money. So instead, I find myself running to 3-4-5 different places (depending on the week) to get our groceries/household needs. I've found that shopping at Walmart and Aldi have helped us save significantly on groceries (and buying generic brand on most things). Aldi has some good selections of fruits, but I also like to go to Sprouts every few weeks too. And then of course, we hit Costco and/or Sams Club for the things that we buy in bulk.

Eating at home/Baby Food
Don't get me wrong, we love to go out to eat. And how easy is it to pop through a drive thru for lunch? We've really tried to cut back, and I am realy working hard to plan out all of our meals/snacks and then EAT at home. I also really like to make my own baby food, and it saves us so much money too! It is super easy, and I just knock out a big batch in one day, and it usually lasts for a few months.

Date Night/Social stuff
We don't really do many date nights out (up until recently we didn't have a babysitter) because we really just love to stay in and watch a movie or one of our (many) TV shows and veg. We live in Southern California with amusement parks, arcades, water parks, and things to do galore, but we also really don't spend money on any of that stuff either. It gets expensive, and we'd rather spend our money on other things.

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