Thursday, February 9, 2017

January 2017

January can be summed up in one word....RAIN. It rained almost everyday which California needed, but it also made for long days being cooped up inside. We may have gone a little stir crazy, but hey at least there were fun new Christmas toys that were played with a lot :)
Manny and I kicked off the New Year by going to the Rose Bowl!  We met Manny's aunt, uncle, and cousins and had a blast! The game was awesome, as well as the atmosphere of the Rose Bowl. And we checked it off our bucket list!
We tried to get out and enjoy the between rain storms!
We beat the rain by going to gymnastics open play and indoor playgrounds #becauseyoucanonlystayhomesolong
We got to meet up with cousin Mike and his wife Emma while they were on vacation from Texas. They recently moved to England so it was fun to see them before they moved across the pond :)
Gabriella and Madden got a lot of quality sibling time at home this month! They have started to play with each other...and steal toys too #soitbegins.... It is fun to see their little relationship develop. They light up when they see each other after naps/being in the nursery etc. 
We trialed a Parent and Me gymnastics class at the place we go for open play. Part of me felt guilty for doing it because I had no intention of signing Gabriella up for gymnastics. I mean she is only 2 1/2 and I didn't want to pay so that I could help her do stuff.....Yeah guess who signed up as soon as class was over #guilty. We had the best time at the class, and she learned some great coordination stuff. So off to gymnastics we go every week now. And we love it!!! 
The highlight of our month was welcoming our first niece (and girl cousin for the kiddos). We are dying to meet this beautiful little girl. We love love love baby Halle!
We ended January with some much needed family time and an impromtu breakfast out. 
And I realize these monthly posts end up being really long, and I can't remember half of the things we did during the month (which is the point of this blog-so that I can look back). So maybe these monthly updates will be turning into weekly updates :)

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