Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Madden- 7 months old

At 7 months old, Madden weighs 23 pounds and is 29 inches long. He is in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. This month he mastered sitting up and spends most of the time he is awake by sitting up and playing with toys.
Madden has finally slept through the night a few times this month....and then acted like a newborn most other nights (thank you teething and a cold). He has also been an early riser this month. Hello 4 or 5 am. He does wake up VERY happy!

Madden has done well eating solids. I made a ton of baby food and (sadly) just like his sister, he prefers squeeze packs or store bought baby food. He is super dramatic if he doesn't like something and coughs/gags/throws it up. 
Mads is very laid back and go with the flow. We are out and about a lot during his morning nap time so he is learning to sleep or cat nap on the go. 
Madden LOVES his sister. He loves to sit and play with her, pull her hair, and tackle her (she thinks it's pretty funny too).
Madden loves to sit and play with toys (mostly his sister's), take baths, and be out and about. He is very vocal and also a little sensitive. He is full of smiles and pure joy!
Madden is all boy and that is very obvious at 7 months. He is busy- constantly grabbing for things, swinging toys/bats, and just plays rough (compared to his sister). We love having a little boy and all that he brings to our little family!
And last, a few pictures from Madden's 6 month photo shoot :)

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